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Everyone dreams of winning the lottery and what they would buy or do with their winnings, but unfortunately the odds of winning the jackpot are Millions-1.

We all get that feeling 'Only If '.

Well with our new wealth game 'Virtual Lottery Millionaire' Free download app, everyone has the chance to become a virtual lottery millionaire and buy virtual houses, cars etc which will then be added to each players 'Portfolio' page. Where you can keep a tab on your wealth, you will also be able to buy and sell some or all of your assets on our 'Auction' pages to other players. You can also purchase credits on our 'Buy Credits' page to add to your wealth fund.
We will also have a wealth league table page where each player can compete against other players to see who can amass the most wealth. Prizes will be awarded for the highest % off wealth increased over time.
This initial site is only a Demo for our app and web page, with much more content to come including other buying and selling categories.
We hope you enjoy our new wealth game app and hope to bring you a fully working app that you can download and play soon.
'No Longer a Dream'
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